Unicharm Sofy Tampons (Purple) 7pcs

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Unicharm Sofy Tampons(Purple) 7pcs
When you feel a little worried even with a Super Tampon! Extra peace of mind even on days with an especially heavy menstrual flow! Also for times when you can't frequently change your tampon or worrisome nights

- Highly absorbent fibers provide 1.3 times the absorbency of Super Tampons!
- Freedom from stuffiness and discomfort!
- Easy, glide-in application!

Product details
Brand: Unicharm
Country of Origin: Japan
Volume: 7pcs
Package: 1x Unicharm Sofy Tampons(Purple) 7pcs

How to use
- Hold the "A. Notched area" and take a deep breath.
- Insert the tampon into your body up to the "B. Insertion point."
- Then, use your other hand to firmly push!

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