Unicharm Sofy Tampons Regular 10pcs (370795)

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Unicharm Sofy Tampons Regular 10pcs
An absorbent core the size of your fingertip achieves absorption for up to as much as 8 hours. It provides absorption in an insensitive area within your body, so there is no discomfort or worries over stuffiness during use.The soft applicator is made of soft material and a rounded tip, and smoothly glides into the correct position. Plus, a portion is transparent to make it easy to see the tampon string.

- Thorough absorption.
- Freedom from stuffiness and discomfort.
- Easy, glide-in application.

Product details
Brand: Unicharm
Country of Origin: Japan
Type: Sofy Tampons Regular
Volume: 10 pcs/pack
Package: 1 x Unicharm Sofy Tampons Regular 10pcs

How to use
- Hold the "A. Notched area" and take a deep breath.
- Insert the tampon into your body up to the "B. Insertion point."
- Then, use your other hand to firmly push!

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