Unicharm Sofy Tampons Regular (Green) 9pcs

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Unicharm Sofy Tampons Regular (Green) 9pcs
The use of the tampon is to insert the sliver into the vagina which has the effect of strongly absorbing menstrual blood.The use of tampon is not affected by clothing and it is convenient for movement and exercise, so it is popular with more European and Japanese women.It can be used in special occasions such as swimming, sports and travel, making it more convenient for you during menstruation.

- It allows you to enjoy yourself
- Forget about your periods
- Finger
- size tampon
- Capacity to soak up to eight hours of leakage*(Do not use the same tampon for over eight hours)
- Freedom from wetness and discomfort
- Easy to use with applicator

Product Details
Brand: Unicharm
Country of Origin: Japan
Type:: Sofy Tampons Regular (Green)
volume: 9 pcs/packPackage: 1 x Unicharm Sofy Tampons Regular (Green) 9pcs

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