WAKODO Baby Soap (Refill) 400ml

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WAKODO Baby Soap 400ml (Refill)
- Hypoallergenic • nonfragrance • coloring • nonparaben free • non alcohol • mineral oil • milk derived ingredients not used.
- Skin allergy tested (not all people suffer from allergies)

- Skin care focusing on the balance between water and oil, considering the baby 's skin.
- Water-soluble moisturizing ingredients (oligosaccharides • inositol) & moisture lipid ingredients (phospholipids • ceramide).
- Fluffy milky bubbles of amino acid detergent ingredient formulation, wash while protecting the skin moisture. Foam breaks well, refreshing quickly.
- Low irritation • Weak acidity • No fragrance • No coloring


Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Body
Volume: 400ml
Package Content: 1 x WAKODO Baby Soap 400ml (Refill)

How to use

- This product is for refilling.
- Wet the body, pick up the appropriate amount, get rid of it gently, and rinse thoroughly.

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