【Want to have fluffy and light hair in Summer?】Saviour of flat and oily hair: Christophe Robin from France

【Want to have fluffy and light hair in Summer?】Saviour of flat and oily hair: Christophe Robin from France

For oily hair people, the most troublesome thing is that after only half a day washing your hair, your hair quickly becomes flat and even becomes "barcode bangs"!

If you have the above problems, you should try Christophe Robin, an oil hair saviour from Paris!

Christophe Robin specializes in post-dye repair and deep scalp cleansing. All products of the brand are free of Paraben preservatives, artificial colors, surfactants (cleaning agent ingredients), Amonia and silicone.

① Saviour of flat and oily hair: Cleansing Purifying Hair Scrub with Sea Salt

A star product with a high repurchase rate among Christophe Robin! Effective oil control effect on the scalp. Designed for "scalp cleansing", gently "exfoliate" the scalp.

It clean the dirt deeply in the hair follicles and promotes blood circulation of scalp.At the same time, it provides long-lasting moisturizing effect for the scalp and relieves the symptoms of itching.

The function of hair scrub is like a "deep cleansing mask", so it is recommended to use 1 to 2 times a week.

② Cleansing Volumizing Paste with Clay & Rose

Made from pure Rassoul clay and French rose extract, it can clean and moisturize the hair deeply. The rich minerals in the clay replenish nutrients to the hair follicles and enhance the strength of the hair, makes it super fluffy!

It also has anti-oxidant properties and helps to brighten hair color and shine. It is very suitable for people who often dye their hair. It is recommended to use it 1-2 times a week.

③ Volumizing Shampoo with Rose Extracts

Contains rose hydrosol and African breadfruit leaf extract, it can make hair truly achieve a natural and long-lasting volume.

Adding rose fragrance and essence ingredients can help soothe the sensitive scalp after dyeing, repair the hair and achieve the color protection effect.

It is especially suitable for soft hair, flat hair or dry hair.


④ Purifying Shampoo with Jujube Bark Extract

Enriched with new active ingredients of 100% natural origin.

Jujube is one of the most precious tree species in South Africa. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and immunomodulatory functions which can regulate and balance sebum secretion. It also soothe and calm allergies or scalp problems.

Whether you have dandruff caused by oily hair or dry itchy hair is both suitable for use.