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The Korean skincare brand LALARECIPE strives to bring delight to their users through unique and aesthetic products, as if a recipe that concocts happiness.
With “clean beauty” as their brand philosophy,  LALARECIPE takes care to use natural ingredients and does not add potentially harmful chemicals such as preservatives and paraben. The brand insists on producing vegan products that don’t harm the environment or animals, taking responsibility not only for the skin wellness of their users but all of society.

The brand’s product development is handled by experienced experts, including university professors of Cosmetics Studies and product developers that have been in the industry for 20 years. It goes without saying that LALARECIPE’s products work beautifully on your skin, but they also feature thoughtful, innovative, and pleasant designs that not only focus on the post-usage effects but also take care of the user’s experience during use.


LALARECIPE’s products, all handled by experts and professionals, are rich in active ingredients that aren’t widely used or commonly seen out there. The brand innovates and invents their own unique product formula to offer you an experience only found with LALARECIPE, such as sheet masks containing watermelon extract or eye masks with pineapple extract. Their product designs also say a lot about the brand’s creativity and devotion to “beauty”, including glitter-flecked masks for you to be pretty while becoming pretty.


LALARECIPE is clear on how products out there could do better. With this knowledge, they take the extra step to craft products that are attentive to users’ needs, so that you can be happy not just after, but while using their products. You’ve probably been annoyed by masks sticking to your hair; that’s why LALARECIPE’s eye masks adopted a proprietary heart-shaped design so that they don’t tamper with your hair and can care for your cheeks. This is just one of many examples of the effort LALARECIPE devotes to providing a satisfying experience.


What LALARECIPE cares about isn’t just individual user satisfaction - the brand looks at society as a whole, in their mission to pursue a sustainable society where everyone can be happy with their beauty. Despite the trend of vegan cosmetics in the K-beauty scene, LALARECIPE knows that not enough has been done when the number of experimental animals in Korea is still on the rise. LALARECIPE therefore promises not to include any animal products or animal-tested ingredients in their products, which are certified by EVE Vegan® and wrapped up in eco-friendly packaging, in the hopes of bringing joy to everyone from the individual to the society.