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Beauty of Joseon

"Beauty of Joseon" is a South Korean beauty brand that is known for its use of traditional Korean ingredients and beauty practices. The brand's products are inspired by the Joseon dynasty, a period of Korean history that lasted from 1392 to 1897.

Some of the key ingredients used in Beauty of Joseon's products include ginseng, rice, honey, and hanbang (traditional Korean herbal medicine). These ingredients are known for their anti-aging, brightening, and hydrating properties, and have been used in Korean skincare for centuries. Beauty of Joseon's product lineup includes toners, serums, creams, and masks, among other items.

Overall, Beauty of Joseon is a brand that prioritizes natural ingredients and traditional Korean beauty practices to create effective skincare products.

Healthy Hanbang ingredients in BEAUTY OF JOSEON

The aesthetic appreciation in the Joseon Dynasty served as inspiration of the brand, emphasizing inner beauty over outer appearance. People during that era embraced unique skincare practices, like utilizing rice water as a toner and applying honey residue as a facial mask, which were left on the skin for a specific duration and then removed. They also incorporated diverse herbal ingredients to maintain healthy skin, such as cleansing the face with grain powder and using cucumber slices to gently rub the skin. These ancient wisdom and practices continue to inspire Beauty of Joseon.



The first Hanbang ingredient is 'Ginseng,' which has been highly esteemed as a precious herbal medicine for eternal youth in Korean history. It possesses remarkable anti-aging properties, effectively preventing skin aging. The abundant presence of 'Saponin' in ginseng is known for its efficacy in combating pigmentation and wrinkles caused by UV rays. Additionally, it is recognized for promoting skin hydration, ensuring long-lasting moisture retention deep within the skin, thereby safeguarding it against external stimuli. 


Green plum

The second Hanbang ingredient is 'Green plum.' Korean green plums have been known as a green remedy since ancient times and have been used in herbal medicine. Green plum contains natural AHA ingredients, such as citric acid, which help activate keratinocytes. This activation aids in the gentle removal of over-keratinized dead skin cells and skin impurities from the surface of the skin.



The third ingredient is 'Rice.' Rice has been a healthy food and a skincare ingredient with a long history in Korea. Rice bran is abundant in amino acids and minerals, providing moisturization to dry skin and enhance skin brightness. It also has soothing properties for sensitive skin. In Korea, rice from 'Icheon' has been highly regarded as the finest since ancient times and was even offered to the king of Joseon dynasty.