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My skin’s turning point, RETURNU.

RETURNU, a skincare brand from South Korea, believes in products with principles and results that are real. With clear and specific skin concerns in mind, the brand seeks a return to the true nature of skincare.

Have you ever seen cosmetics with long, wordy names, having no clue what they’re for? Splurged on a toner that’s all the rage online, only to be let down? The founders of RETURNU noticed an alarming trend of excessive marketing and questionable product effects in the cosmetics industry – this is why RETURNU was launched in 2019 with a dedication to transparent and ethical approaches.

Not just popular skincare ingredients...

RETURNU carefully selects unique natural components – tannin complex is an antioxidant with antibacterial properties, while Korean persimmon tree leaves, with a vitamin C content 20 times higher than that of lemons, help shrink pore depth. Through RETURNU’s patented percutaneous absorption technology, the ingredients are processed into lightweight, non-sticky products that work perfectly on all skin types.

Pore Purge

Excessive sebum may flow back and burrow deep into your pores, and pore minimizers out there can only mend things on the surface. RETURNU's response to this common skincare concern is the Poreshooter product line.

Five clinical tests have been completed for the Poreshooter line, with results showing a 116.08% decrease in backflow sebum, 48.45% decrease in pore depth, 44.82% decrease in the number of pores, and 37.16% decrease in sebum – in just 2 weeks.

Real Results

RETURNU’s products don't need pretty packaging or fancy names – their brand story is told through clear, transparent data.

All of RETURNU’s products have completed tests to demonstrate clinical results backed by facts and figures: in 2 weeks, the Vitatone line is shown to improve skin radiance by 101.78% and improve dark spots by 105.01%. The Deep Comfort Cream increases your skin’s moisture level by 56.45%.

RETURNU strives to bring visible change to your skin.

Eco & Ethical

Grounded in principles of “transparency” and “ethics”, RETURNU insists on using natural, non-irritating ingredients produced in Korea, without harmful substances or artificial coloring. The components used and process of production are also certified vegan by PETA.

It’s not just the inside, but the outside, too – RETURNU make an effort to minimize unnecessary packaging, and the packaging they do use is made of recyclable materials, providing a conscientious option for consumers.

In just 2 weeks...

48.45% decrease in pore depth (Poreshooter line)

116.08% decrease in backflow sebum (Poreshooter line)

105.01% improvement in dark spots (Vitatone line)

56.45% increase in skin moisture level (Deep Comfort Cream)