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Go beyond beauty, leave a lasting inspiration. 

ArteSinsa is an artistic beauty brand originating in Sinsa, a ward in Seoul, Korea. More than just a brand that offers simple beauty, it inspires others with its philosophy that one can create a masterpiece by exploring new challenges through visual arts. The brand presents cosmetic works of art that offer a different experience.
Basing its brand concept on visual art, ArteSinsa establishes brand new concepts of art through new visual sensations and elevates your distinct beauty to a masterpiece, creating for you your own unique personality.

Awaken the senses, seek your ArteSinsa within ordinary moments.

ArteSinsa’s lip tints aren’t just products, but challenges made through visual arts that strive you offer you a different experience, an extraordinary daily life.


ArteSinsa is not bound by rigid images of “cosmetics”. Instead of adorning products with pretty packaging, the brand boldly presents a pure-white, roughly cut marble design, as if the pillars of a sacred ancient temple. The unaligned cracks are not a flaw but a feature, a unique identity to express. The lip tint’s packaging transforms the whole vibe of your dressing table just by sitting there - pick it up, and divine beauty is yours.


ArteSinsa’s lip tint doesn’t just offer a moment of beauty when you first apply it - even after spending a whole day with you, the color lingers with a lasting, memorable impression, as if a piece of art that does not pale with time. The Dewy Fit Tint’s 8 shades are highly pigmented and dye your lips with their original colors even after a layer is removed with tissue paper, letting your lips remain lively while preventing color transfer.


The Dewy Fit Tint’s rich yet watery texture and vivid shades brightens up your complexion, letting you unearth the special “you” within the monotone of everyday life. The lip tint comes in 8 versatile shades, so no matter if you have a cool or warm skin tone, or if you prefer natural or full-on makeup, there will always be an artistic tint made to highlight your distinct personality.


A lipstick might be tiny; applying it might not be a difficult task – but lip makeup that is well done can influence the whole image of your makeup. Similarly, a small lip tint from ArteSinsa enriches your life with an artistic mood, awakens your senses, and allows you to experience beauty beyond cosmetics, immerse yourself in your own unique colors, and become one with the artwork.