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Recognized as the No.1 skincare brand by Korean beauty YouTubers in the 2021 Korean YouTuber Awards, numbuzin remains well-loved by Korean as well as overseas users. Known for their many product lines targeting a comprehensive range of skin concerns, numbuzin names their products not with wordy confusing titles, but with simple, memorable numbers – from No.1 to No.9, each number representing a solution.

What’s your number?

Each number series from numbuzin tackles different skin problems and produces different results. Their products cover all the skincare fundamentals, from serums and cleansing oils to special care pads, so you can safely entrust every step of your routine to numbuzin.

No matter whether you’re worried about pores, trying to improve your skin tone, bothered by skin texture, or struggling to maintain hydration balance, numbuzin has the key to your unique formula.

Numbers for starters...


The No.1 line offers all-rounded everyday cleansing and hydration, with a focus on mild, natural formula and lightweight non-greasy care that works perfectly on any skin type. For instance, the No.1 Cleansing Oil works as a cleanser and a makeup remover, effective even on waterproof makeup and mascara, but with a mild moisturizing formula that contains natural corn oil and macadamia oil.

The No.1 Tone Up tinted SPF combines titanium dioxide, which reflects and scatters UV rays, with moisturizing hyaluronic acid and skin brightening niacinamide for a lightweight multifunctional lotion good for any skin type.

No matter what your skin concerns are, you can’t go wrong with No.1.


If you have bumpy skin texture due to large pores or a lack of moisturization, the No.3 line could be the key to regaining smooth newborn skin! Rich in expensive fermented ingredients such as bifida ferment lysate, as well as protein and vitamins, No.3 products improve pore and texture problems through anti-oxidation and intensive hydration.

The No.3 Skin Softening Serum, one of numbuzin’s most discussed products, even contains galactomyces ferment filtrate (Pitera), an ingredient used in a well-known department store luxury serum. The versatile No.3 Tone Up tinted SPF acts as UV protection + concealer + primer, so that you can enjoy smooth flawless skin without layers and layers of foundation clogging up your pores.


No.5 products are imbued with brightening ingredients, including vitamin C, E, and abundant natural vitamin extracts effective in suppressing melanin – an ideal solution for dull, hyperpigmented skin and acne scars. Honourably chosen as Olive Young’s pick in the 2023 Olive Young Awards, the No.5 Concentrated Pads are steeped in a glutathione and 5% niacinamide formula to improve anti-oxidation effects.

You might’ve noticed that vitamin C products are often drying or irritating. Numbuzin combats this common flaw by using pure vitamin serum extracted from plants for gentle, non-irritating care – the No.5 serum generously contains 75% vitamin tree extract! If a radiant complexion and flawless even skin tone is what you’re seeking, “5” is the answer.

emulsified mild cleansing

Light watery texture

Premium quality