Pretties HK Limited mainly offers beauty and skin care products from Japan, Europe, America, South Korea, etc. to large retail chain stores in Hong Kong and customers of Southeast Asia as well as Western countries.

In 2012, we cooperated with major Hong Kong and overseas platforms to open online stores and set up warehouses and procurement teams in various places. The procurement teams have strict criteria for supplier and product selection to ensure the quality of products enjoyed by customers. In addition, we have long-term cooperation with stable and reliable suppliers to obtain competitive prices, and customers can purchase 100% genuine products at reasonable prices.

We established our own platform of in 2017, hoping that customers can enjoy high-quality products from all over the world without leaving home. We are committed to providing you with all the high-quality products you need in life, whether it is trendy beauty, personal care, kids and mum products, etc. We hope that you can Shop For Surprise here, and customers receive satisfactory products. The most anticipated thing will bring a little difference and a little more happiness to everyone’s lives.