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Ginger 6

Ginger is well known as a “superfood” with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant effects; royalty during the Joseon dynasty often used ginger for their health. Ginger6, a Korean skincare brand, recognizes these benefits and incorporated this wonderful ingredient into skincare. This is how the vegan brand was born in 2019. Managing the whole production process, Ginger6 imbues their products with patented ginger water extracted from 100% Korean-produced An-dong ginger, providing dual benefits of brighter skin and reduced wrinkles.

"Gift from god, ginger"

Purified water is the main component of most skincare products out there, but Ginger6 takes it one step further. Ginger water makes up the main ingredient of Ginger6 products, comprising as much as 70% of the content! This water was derived through a rigid process of drying and steaming the ginger 6 times before extracting it, hence the name Ginger “6”.

Ginger6’s ginger water was found to increase collagen production by 48.1% and inhibit melanin production by 25.8%. It’s not just ginger, either - Ginger6’s products use natural plant extracts and are free from harmful ingredients like parabens and mineral oil. And while ginger takes center stage here, the products are free of ginger’s spicy tangy scent - so if ginger isn’t your thing, it doesn’t have to be.

With Heart

Ginger is dried and steamed 6 times to produce ginger extract water, a patented technique unique to Ginger6. This is done over 10 days, a long process full of heart and diligence. Extraction begins with 1kg of ginger and ends with just 8g of incredibly valuable ginger extract. This meticulous process increases the amount of 6-shogaol in ginger, which helps with skin brightening and anti-oxidation, while reducing the amount of 6-gingeroll, which is what contributes to ginger’s sharp spicy scent. You don’t have to be a ginger lover to enjoy its power on your skin!

With Conscience

Vegan skincare is gaining ground in the k-beauty scene - using natural ingredients not only good for your skin, but also to the planet, animals, and everything around you. Ginger6 recognizes this significance and does their part in making changes: their products are certified by the British Vegan Society, and the components, such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin, have been given an EWG green rating.

With technology

Ginger6 is dedicated to perfecting their products using the latest technology. The Energizing PEPTI Cream protects your skin barrier using nano-emulsion technology and, through liposome technology, ensures quick and complete absorption of the cream without any sticky residue. Ginger6’s hand cream also utilizes fermentation to combine water and oil, with added bound water complex composed of ingredients similar to natural moisture in our skin, for excellent moisture retention. And of course, Ginger6’s products have all been dermatologically tested, promising safe and effective results.

With you in mind

Ginger6’s range of products covers cleansing to hand care, daytime hydration to nighttime repair - a full 6-step routine for your skin. Begin your day with a splash of Ginger6’s Essence Toner, and let your skin rest at night with some PEPTI Cream! All of Ginger6’s products are designed to combat two extremely common skin problems - with skin brightening niacinamide plus wrinkle smoothing hyaluronic acid and adenosine, this product line can take care of all your skincare needs, at any time of day.