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【How to take Japanese Supplement?】When is the most effective time to take? Let official DHC to tell you!

【How to take Japanese Supplement?】When is the most effective time to take? Let official DHC to tell you!

Japanese Supplement are very popular. It can quickly be taken with the nutrients the body needs!

But facing the wide variety of supplements , have you ever wondered how to take it?

This time, the official DHC will answer everyone's doubts!

1. The best time to take general supplements is "after meal"

Supplements are not medicines and there is no designated time for taking.
However, if the efficiency of absorption is considered, it is generally recommended to take it after meals.

Compared with taking it on an empty stomach, the digestion and absorption rate of taking it after a meal will be better.

**However, according to the ingredients and effects of supplements, there are still special examples!

2. There are different ways of taking supplements with different functions

A. Water-soluble vitamins: "Take it separately"

Water-soluble nutrients such as "vitamin B complex" and "vitamin C" cannot be stored in the body. Excessive components that cannot be absorbed will be excreted from the body with urine.

Therefore, it is not recommended to take it all at once.

It is recommended to divide the daily dose into several doses. For example, if the recommended dose is 2 capsules per day, take 1 capsule each morning and evening.

DHC Vitamin B Mix

DHC 維他命C補充食品 60日份 (120粒)
DHC Vitamin C

B. Weight Management: "Pre-meal intake"

It is recommended to take it before meals because it is closely related to the digestion and absorption of food.


FANCL Calolimit

C. Anti-alcoholic: "Intake before drinking"

Anti-alcohol supplements generally contain curcumin.
It is recommended to take it before drinking to effectively support the liver to break down alcohol, relieve discomfort after drinking and maintain liver health.

DHC 濃縮薑黃素解酒醒酒養保肝 20日份 (40粒)

DHC Concentrated turmeric

3. Recommendation of supplement 

① DHC Synthetic Beauty Pills (30days)

Hyaluronic acid will decrease with age, the skin will gradually lack moisture, lose elasticity and wrinkles as well as other aging phenomena will appear over time.

Each DHC Synthetic Beauty Pills contains six beauty ingredients such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin. It moisturizes the bottom layer of the skin while brightening it, making your skin look youthful and full of elasticity.

Consuming hyaluronic acid is easier to be absorbed by the body, so the beauty effect is better!


Authenticated in Japan for its effect of promoting collagen synthesis which truly meets the needs of women's skin care.

Each bottle contains 2600mg of HTC collagen and it is easy to be absorbed by the body. It can penetrate into the skin cells in the shortest time, so that you can achieve elastic and beautiful skin by drinking!

Regular consumption of HTC collagen can increase the collagen of the facial skin. And the addition of Coenzyme Q10 can further promote the skin's metabolism.

Hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and other essences are also added to provide perfect protection for the skin, so that the skin can be improved to become smooth and bright.

③ Obagi Derma Power X Inner Lift Drink

Sugar is a major cause of skin aging!

As we grow older, extra sugar molecules will adhere to collagen which causes glycation to break or disorder the collagen. So, wrinkles will appear on the skin.

No wonder many actresses quit sugar! But if you don’t want to give up sugar, you can try Obagi Derma Power X Inner Lift Drink.

Integrating collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and other elements necessary for beautiful skin, it has the effects of whitening, shrinking pores, anti-oxidation, and improving immune function. At the same time, it replenishes collagen that is lost with age to the skin which is very significant in anti-aging.

As cheaper than POLA B.A LIQUID, it is the first choice of many Japanese girls~

④ DHC Virgin coconut oil (30 days)

Coconut oil has recently become a hot topic because of recommendations by well-known celebrities as well as  popular models, and it has also attracted attention for its effect on health and beauty.

The medium-chain fatty acids contained in coconut oil can consume excess lipids stored in the body, promote metabolism, maintain youthfulness and keep you healthy and beautiful.

If you don’t like to eat oil directly, you can try DHC Virgin Coconut Oil!

Using virgin coconut oil to make a convenient nutritional supplement. For 5 capsules a day, you can consume 1,500 mg of coconut oil !

⑤ FANCL 女性綜合營養維他命補充丸  

快將踏入30 世代的女士,身體及肌膚會開始走下坡。
「女士 30+ 綜合營養」有助補充 30 世代女性每日的必需營養,不但強身添活力、活腦護眼、保健腸道,有助血液循環,

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