Kobayashi Len Cleaning Wet Tissue (Anti-fog) 20 sheets (032640)

$27.00 $59.00

It is glasses wiping to drop clearly just to wipe a fingerprint, the fat dirt of the lens lightly. Has anti-fog function, strong cleaning function

- It is easy to carry around
- Keep glasses clean
- Can use it for a plastic lens, a multi-coat lens, a prevention of water desperation lens
- Ultra-soft and slender material, no damage to the lens

Product details:
Brand: Kobayashi
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Glasses, mobile phone screens, computer screens, watch mirrors, etc.
Type: Cleaner
Volume: 20 sheets ; 100 x 150 mm
Package: 1 x Kobayashi Len Cleaning Wet Tissue (Anti-fog) 20 sheets

How to use:
- Remove the tissue, gently wipe the lens.
- Use it up and am a type once.
- Please wipe the point that is dirty before a tissue dries.
- When sand or iron powder attach, please use it after washing it away with water once.

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