50 Megumi

50 Megumi Volume Conditoner Moist 400ml (145713)

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50 Megumi Volume Conditioner Moist 400ml
Gives firmness to each strand of hair leading a sense of volume starting at the root of the hair.

-Gives elasticity and strength to the hair
-Voluminous hair from root to tip
-Treatment refill
-Component ""Yang Jun"" (moisturizing) 50 formulated for anti-aging components
-Leads to a healthy scalp and hair
-5 seed hair gloss oil (moisturizing ingredients: tranquility, olive fruit oil, jojoba seed oil, sunflower seed oil and Shea FAT) scheme
-Refill type

Brand: 50 MEGUMI
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Hair
Type: Conditioner
Volume: 400ml
Package: 1 x 50 Megumi Volume Conditioner Moist 400ml

How to use
After rinsing off the hair with water after shampoo, take an appropriate amount of hands, wash the entire hair while massaging the scalp with your fingers. Leave for a minute, then rinse thoroughly.

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