ATTENIR Skin Clear Cleansing Oil (Citrus fragrance) 175ml

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Attenir Skin Clear Cleanse Oil 175ml
Completely remove makeup. Clean the sebum particles from the pores of the pile_ make the pores clear and smooth.

- Completely removes makeup.
- Can also use by wet hands.
- Can also be used by those who use eyelash extensions that use general glue (cyanoacrylate).
- Non-mineral oil_ paraben free_ alcohol free
- Allergy tested

Product Details
Brand: Attenir
Country of Origin: Japan
Type: Skin Clear Cleanse Oil
Volume: 175ml
Content: 1 x Skin Clear Cleanse Oil

How to use
- Please wash away by water after using the clear cleanse oil. There is no need for other face washing.

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