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Beauty World Lucky Trendy Moisturizing Hand Mask 18ml (991683)

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Lucky Trendy Moisturizing Hand Mask 18ml x1
"Lucky trendy hand mask" is a hand mask of moisturizing beauty liquid. Arbutin_ argan oil_ and other seven Type of natural ingredients that moisturize.


- With generous moisturizers that pamper and nourish hands
- Effectively smoothing out rough spots and cuticles for youthful looking hands
- After use_ the feet feel very comfortable and look smooth and white_ away from dryness and cracking
- 20 mins only

Product Details:
Brand: Beauty World
Country of Origin: Japan Product
Type:: Hand Mask
volume: 18 ml
Package Content: 1 x Lucky Trendy Moisturizing Hand Mask 18ml

How to Use:
1. hand mask cutout in the Center before it is deleted.
2. clean pivot hand mask in hand. * Mask is double. Seeped inside the beauty ingredient non
-woven fabric in the put hand.
3. place it about 20 minutes. To adjust the hours of use due to the drying of the skin. Whole hand to gently to rub the liquid remained in the 4_ your skin. * Took off her mask and then rinsing is not necessary.

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