BIORE The Face Foaming Facial Wash (Moist) 200ml (Blue)

$56.00 $79.00
A frictionless way to wash without your hands rubbing your face skin.

- The most generous amount of whipped cream-like foam in Biore history
- For skin that is concerned about sebum and dryness.
- Washes while protecting the barrier function that maintains the skin’s moisture
- Relaxing Floral Soap Scent

Product Details:
Brand: Biore
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Face
Product Type: Face Cleanser
Net Weight: 200 ml
Package Content: 1 x BIORE The Face Foaming Facial Wash (Moist) 200ml (Blue) 

How to use:
When using for the first time, remove the stopper and press down the pump a few times until it starts to dispense.
Wet your face lightly. Take an appropriate amount (about 4 to 5 pumps) on your hands.
Apply the foam on your face, and gently spread with pressing motions. Rinse well.

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