Curel Scalp Moisture Lotion 120ml

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Curel Scalp Moisture Lotion 120ml
For repeated itchiness dandruff and dryness. Moisturizing care for a sensitive scalp.

- Contains moisturizing ingredients_ effectively conveys the functions of ceramide_ providing moisture.
- Suppresses dandruff and itchiness_ and keeps your scalp moist & healthy.
- The direct-touch nozzle can be applied directly to areas of concern.
- A lotion type free from stickiness that gently blends into your scalp.
- Non-oil formulation

Product Details
Brand: Curel
Country of Origin: Japan
Product Type: Lotion
Range: Hair
Volume: 120 ml
Package Content: 1 x Curel Scalp Moisture Lotion 120ml

How to use
- Apply on the skin of head and message the itchy parts.
- No need to rinse

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