DHC Multi Mineral (30 days 90 grains)

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DHC Multi Mineral (30 days 90 grains)
This product contains well balanced 10 minerals which support mutual functions. Calcium magnesium iron zinc copper are the 5 essential minerals which the nutrient reference values are set. Selenium chromium manganese iodine and molybdenum are added to support.

- Calcium: For formation of bones and teeth.
- Iron: For formation of red blood cells.
- Magnesium: Maintain enzyme's function energy production and normal blood circulation.
- Zinc: Helps to maintain healthy condition of skin and mucosa. I
- Copper: Maintain enzyme's function and in the formation of bones.
Product Details
Brand: DHC
Country of Origin: Japan
Product Type:  Multi Mineral
Capacity: 90 grains
Package Content: 1 x DHC Multi Mineral (30 days 90 grains)

How to use
Follow recommended daily intake (3 tablets).

*Take with water or lukewarm water without chewing.
*Overdose of zinc may block copper absorption.
*Infants and children should avoid taking this product.
*Overdose of this supplement may cause diarrhea.
*Consuming a large quantity of this product does not cure disease or promote health. Please follow the recommended daily intake.
*Unlike Foods for Specified Health Uses_ the product is not individually pre-approved by the Secretary-General of the Consumer Affairs Agency.

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