DHC Vitamin B Mix (90 days 180 grains)

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DHC Vitamin B Mix (90 days 180 grains)
"Vitamin B Mix" is a combined formula containing all eight types of the vitamin B group (vitamin B1 B2 B6 B12 niacin pantothenic acid biotin folic acid) and inositol. Vitamin B is an essential vitamin for metabolizing sugar protein and other nutrients. It is recommended for weight control as it also helps transform fats and carbohydrates into energy. Vitamin B also reduces fatigue by converting carbohydrates to energy. Furthermore vitamin B supports beauty by promoting moisturized supple skin.
- Niacin and biotin help maintain healthy condition of skin and mucosa.
- Vitamin B12 and folic acid help in the formation of red blood cells.
- Folic acid aids healthy growth and development of the fetus.
- Made in Japan

Product Details
Brand: DHC
Country of Origin: Japan
Product Type: Nutritional supplement.
Capacity: 180grains
Package Content: 1 x DHC Vitamin B Mix (90 days 180 grains)
Ingredients: Cornstarch (made in Japan)_ cellulose_ inositol_ calcium pantothenate_ vitamin B1_ niacin_ vitamin B6_ vitamin B2_ glycerin fatty acid ester_ shellac_ folic acid_ biotin_ vitamin B12

How to use
Follow recommended daily intake (2 tablets).

Recommended to take twice daily (ex. morning and night).

*Take with water or lukewarm water.
*The color of the product may vary or spots appear due to the nature of the raw materials_ but this will not affect the quality of the product.
*Consuming a large quantity of this product does not cure disease or promote health. Please follow the recommended daily intake.
*Unlike Foods for Specified Health Uses_ the product is not individually pre-approved by the Secretary-General of the Consumer Affairs Agency.

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