Fancl Blueberry 60 Capsules (496906)

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FANCL Blueberry 60 Capsules
This product contains blueberries and blackcurrants_ rich in anthocyanins.

- Anthocyanin can eliminate eye fatigue_ protect eyes from light damage and protect eye health.

Product Details
Brand: Fancl
Country of Origin: Japan
Product Type: Supplement Capsules
Capacity: 60 capsules
Shelf life: 730 days
Suitable crowd: All_ pregnant and lactation period can also take.
Package Content: 1 x FANCL Blueberry 60 Capsules

How to use
2 tablets a day_ 1 or 2 times_ preferably after meals.

Keep in a cool place and avoid high temperature and direct sunlight to keep dry.


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