FANCL Clay Gel Facial Wash 120g

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FANCL Clay Gel Facial Wash 120g

A gel face wash that does not require lathering and allows easy pore care every day

- Adsorbs and removes pore dirt
- With 3 carefully selected clays
- Daily cleansing for fresh, smooth skin that makes you want to touch it

How to use
Wet your hands and face with lukewarm water and apply 3 cm cleanser to your palm.
Spread the gel over your face and let it absorb.
Gently twirl. When it becomes whitish, it is a sign of completion.
Rinse thoroughly.
*If it does not turn white, add a small amount of water and let it blend well before rinsing.

Product details
Brand: FANCL
Range: Face
Type: Cleanser
Volume: 150ml
Package: 1 x FANCL Clay Gel Facial Wash 120g

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