Fancl Deep Clear Washing Powder for Face (30pcs/box)

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FANCL Deep Clear Washing Powder for Face (30pcs/box)
A facial wash powder that clears out all of the pores but leaves the skin hydrated. The featured Protease enzymes coal and absorbing mud ingredients actively gets rid of the dirt darkness and dead skin cells out of the pores.

- Can remove pore dirt and improve the skin of old horny such as unevenness and dullness.
- Powder containing charcoal and clay_ adsorbing melanin and removing dirt_
- Hyaluronic acid and amino acid cleansing ingredients help protect the skin's moisture.
- No preservatives added no fragrance.

Product details
Brand: Fancl
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Face
Type: Washing Powder for Face
Volume: 30pcs/box
Package: 1x FANCL Deep Clear Washing Powder for Face (30pcs/box)

How to Use
Mix the powder with water at the hand palm .
Clean the face with the foaming.

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