KINCHO Ginger Heat Pad (8pcs/pack) x1 (826410)

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KINCHO Ginger Heat Pad (8pcs/pack) x1
It is recommended to attach the warmer to your stomach!The warming fragrance is carried by evaporating moisture that wraps around your face, so you can feel it working. Warmers can also be attached to your waist, neck, and shoulder.


- Warmth is maintained alongside the fragrance
- Formulated with "fresh forest fragrance"
- Relaxing effect, you can relax and feel warm at the same time
- Average temperature 45 (Max. 55)- Duration 5 hours 

Product Details

Brand: Kincho
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: For external
Type:: Wormwood grass Heat Pad
Package Content: 1 x KINCHO Ginger Heat Pad (8pcs/pack)

How to Use:

1. Break the outer bag, take out the inner bag, peel off the delaminated paper, peel off the stripped paper, Please use it on the outside or on the back of your jacket. Please use it without chewing.
2. If you become unnecessary after use or during use, please peel off.
3. Avoid direct sunlight, please save in a cool place.Caution: Do not apply directly to skin. May cause low-temperature skin burn.

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