KIRIBAI Reusable Steam Eye Pillow (340015)

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KIRIBAI Reusable Steam Eye Pillow
It is a steam hot pillow feels comfortable in eyes who kept working for one day. The thermal energy of azuki's natural steam warms to the core and loosens it. There is a reasonable weight, it fits the eyes, so you can warm effectively. You can use it immediately by heating with a microwave oven. It is economical as it can be used repeatedly.

- Comfortable warmth
- Soothe
- Relief
- Recover
- Suitable for tiring eyes
- Reusable and convenient to use

Product details
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Eyes
Volume: 1 pcs
Type:Reusable Steam Eye Pillow
Package: 1x KIRIBAI Reusable Steam Eye Pillow
Product valid date: 1 - 2 Years

How to use
1. Put the pillow flat with the side where the words are facing down and put it in the middle of the clean microwave oven.
2. Reheat 40 seconds for 500W, 30 seconds for 600W. Do not reheat with 700w or above.
3. Gently put it over the eyes about 5 minutes.

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