Milbon Elujuda Graceon Hair Emulsion 120g

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Milbon Elujuda Graceon Hair Emulsion 120g

Formulated with baobab extract that retains moisture. It leads to hair full of moisture with a soft moisturizing feeling.

- A scent full of happiness that makes you feel like you are surrounded by nature.
- CMADK, a hair repairing ingredient derived from keratin-derived protein that leads to healthy hair.
- Contains 3 types of oil: smoothing oil, aged argan oil and elastic oil.

Product details
Brand: Milbon
Range: Hair
Type: Hair Emulsion
Volume: 120g
Package: 1 x Milbon Elujuda Graceon Hair Emulsion 120g

How to use
- Towel dry your hair.
- Spread the serum on your hand
- 1 push for short hair; 2 pushes for medium long hair; 3 pushes for long hair.
- Apply to the ends of your hair
- Slightly lift a bundle of hair, insert your hand inside, and slide it to the tip of the hair
- Use a hair dryer to dry hair step by front hair, roots and middle hair.

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