Milbon Jemile fran Home Care Hair Treatment (Pink-Heart) (136792)

$44.00 $99.00
Milbon Jemy Rufuran Heart Charging 9g _ 4
Home care hair treatment for fine hair. It's not an ordinary hair mask, it contains collagen to make your hair healthier and smoother. Specially designed after the care, collagen can repair the peeling moisturizing film, maintaining the smoothness and smoothness of the hair.


-Just drying will sustain the talons and the hair that is in place.
-Heart line: Recommended for soft hair
-Fluffy smooth and elegant scent.


Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Hair and scalp
Type: Hair Treatment
Volume: 9g x 4
Package Content: 1 set x Milbon Jemy Rufuran Heart Charging 9g _ 4

How to use

After shampooing, take lightly and take water, take the contents into the palm and let it well. Apply from the middle to the tip of the bristletail, so that it will be choked. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

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