Milbon Lifa Deesse's For Natural Color Design Oilreleaser (Orange) (290142)

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Milbon Lifa Oil Releaser 9g x 4
Lifa scalp cleanser for all scalp and hair use, especially for oily, dandruff troubles, hair fragile hair use.

- Rich in fragrant orange flavor, rich in foam
- Long-term use can alleviate excessive head oil and dandruff issues
- Effectively remove fat and dirt from the scalp and hair follicles
- Reduce the healthy growth of hair environment, activate the vitality of hair follicles, so that scalp fresh and healthy

Product Details
Brand: Milbon
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Hair
Type: Hair Oil Releaser
Volume: 9ml x 4
Package Content: 1 x Milbon Lifa Oil Releaser 9g x 4

How to Use
1. Squeeze palm of cleanser on hand before using shampoo, evenly applied to the dry scalp, then massage your scalp with your fingers about 1-2 minutes. (Note: just apply to the scalp / hair root, do not apply in the hair)
2. Then gently massage your scalp with your fingers
3. After 1-3 minutes, spray some water on hair or wet the scalp by hand, gently massage the scalp by hand until a rich bubble.
4. Rinse and use shampoo again.

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