Mustela Hydra-Bebe Face 40ml x4pcs (022648)

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Mustela Hydra-Bebe Facial Cream 40ml
Mustela's exceptionally rich Hydra Bebe Facial Cream penetrates effortlessly to deliver immediate and long-lasting moisture to your baby's delicate face.

- Face protects and strengthens.
- Leaves your baby's face silky-smooth.
- Hydration and moisture.
- Natural ingredients.
- Travel-friendly.

Product details
Brand: Mustela
Country of Origin: France
Range: BabyÕs Face / Skin
Volume: 40ml
Package: 4x Mustela Hydra Ð Bebe Facial Cream 40ml

How to use
After cleansing, gently pat your baby's face dry.
Apply Hydra Bebe¨ Face Cream to clean, dry skin.
Reapply cream as necessary.

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