Napla N. Shea Treatment (Smooth) 240g

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Napla N. Shea Treatment (Smooth) 240g

Formulated with sunflower ceramide, it adheres to the cuticle from the inside with a bond-like action to lock in moisture.

- Plant-derived repair ingredients form a hydrophobic barrier film on the surface of the hair.
- Close to the same hydrophobicity as the original hair, it leads to healthy hair that is resistant to damage.
- Smooth type that raises the roots and leads to natural and firm hair.

Product details
Brand: Napla
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Hair
Type: Treatment
Volume: 240g
Package: 1 x Napla N. Shea Treatment (Smooth) 240g

How to use
- 1 grape size for short hair / 1.5 grape size for medium hair / 2 grape size for long hair
- After shampooing, take an appropriate amount and rub it into the area where you are concerned about.
- It is more effective if you leave for 5 minutes.

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