TAMANOHADA 003 Rose Conditioner 540ml

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TAMANOHADA 003 Rose Conditioner 540ml
A conditioner that gives gloss and moisture to damaged hair. Makes the hair soft and fluffy, leaving a pleasant scent on the hair the next day.

- Emphasizes the sweetness of the gorgeous rose scent.
- Elegant yet sweet scent.

- Non-silicon

Product details 
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Hair
Volume: 540ml
Type: Conditioner
Package: 1x TAMANOHADA 003 Rose Conditioner 540ml
Product valid date: 1 - 2 Years

How to use:
After shampooing, please use on hair that has had excess moisture removed. Take an appropriate amount on the palm and spread it evenly on the hair so that it does not touch the skin. After that, please rinse carefully with lukewarm water. If you are concerned about hair damage or dryness, leave it for a few minutes and then rinse it off for a moisturized finish.

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