Tunemakers Ginseng Extract Essence 10ml

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Tunemakers Ginseng Extract Essence 10ml 

Panax ginseng, also known as Korean ginseng, is a plant that has been loved by people since ancient times. Ginseng extract that gives moisture, firmness, and luster to the skin

- Contain skin-beautifying ingredients (amino acids, saponins, and vitamins)
- Makes the skin healthy and toned.
- For people worrying dullness around the eyes

Product details
Brand: Tunemakers
Country of Origin: Japan
Type: Essence
Volume: 10ml
Package: 1x Tunemakers Ginseng Extract Essence 10ml 

How to Use
After applying lotion, take an appropriate amount (2-3 drops) and gently apply it to the eye area of concern. After that, apply skin care as usual. Also, can apply an appropriate amount (2-3 drops) to the scalp before shampooing, massage, and then wash your hair as usual. Gives hair firmness and elasticity.

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