Tunemakers Retinol Essence 10ml

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Tunemakers Retinol Essence 10ml

Intensive aging care that delivers ingredients to every corner of the stratum corneum

- Approaches the firmness of the skin around the eyes
- Firmly delivered to the eyes, gives firmness and elasticity.
- Care on dryness and aging around the eyes and mouth.

Product details
Brand: Tunemakers
Country of Origin: Japan
Type: Essence
Volume: 10ml
Package: 1x Tunemakers Retinol Essence 10ml

How to Use
After applying lotion, apply an appropriate amount (2-3 drops). Apply it around eyes and mouth where you are concerned about by gently tapping with your fingers.
*Tunemakers do not use Phototoxicity ingredients, you can use it safely during the day.

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