VICREA &honey Deep Moist Treatment Step2.0 445g (Gold)

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VICREA &honey Deep Moist Treatment Step2.0 445g (Gold)
Moisturizing ingredients get into the hair and reduce swelling and swelling. Fusion earth-water preservation organic prescription of the organic ingredient and humidity retention ingredient.


- The scent of Etoile honey
- More than 90% of products are humidity retention & protection ingredients
- Argan oil *
1. honey royal jelly *
2. propolis *
3. Golden silk *
4. hyaluronic acid *5
- Additive-free free prescription
- Nothing addition, animal experiment-free
- Use of 100% Moroccan organic oil- 100% organic authorization Argan oil from Morocco gives moisture to hair

Product Details

Country of Origin: Japan
Range: HairProduct
Type:: Treatment
volume: 445 ml
Package Content: 1 x VICREA &honey Deep Moist Treatment Step2.0 445g (Gold)

How to Use

Massage through freshly cleansed hair and leave for 1-3 minutes before rinsing.

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