VICREA &honey Melty Moist Repair Shampoo Step1.0 440ml (Pink)

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VICREA &honey Melty Moist Repair Shampoo Step1.0 440ml (Pink)

Lightweight, hydration sustaining hair care with a luxurious blend of honey!
&honey Melty Moist Repair focuses on maintaining a healthy hair moisture balance for greater manageability. A new hair care product formulated with over 90% natural hydrating ingredients (Argan oil, Royal Jelly, Propolis, Keratin, etc.) moisturizes the hair and prevents hair fizziness caused by humidity. In addition, it is enriched with a golden ratio of honey extracts Ð known for its strong hydration properties._

- Made with New Zealand Manuka Honey, Bulgaria Rose Honey and Japan raw Honey.
- Free from sulfate, mineral oil, synthetic dyes, propylene glycol, paraben, silicon, additives & animal testing
- Leaves a lightweight finish with a Bulgarian_Rose Honey scent.
- Recommended to frizzy hair

Product Details:
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Hair
Product Type: Shampoo
Volume: 440 ml
Package Content: 1 x VICREA &honey Melty Moist Repair Shampoo Step1.0 440ml (Pink)

How to use:
Massage for about three minutes and then rinse your hair thoroughly.

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