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VT Cosmetics Collagen Reedle Shot 100 50ml (Pink)

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VT Cosmetics Collagen Reedle Shot 100 50ml (Pink)

VT’s revolutionary Reedle Shot features microneedle-shaped ingredients that work on the epidermis layer to open a path and promote your skin’s absorption of active ingredients. It regenerates your skin from within to improve metabolism and guarantee a skincare routine that actually works.

Not only does the Collagen Reedle Shot 100 minimize pores, but it also revitalizes saggy, tired skin with plumpness and elasticity.

Product Benefit:
· Reedle Shot 100, containing 95,500 shots, is a milder, beginner-friendly member of VT’s Reedle Shot line, suitable for daily nighttime use. It removes waste and dead skin cells and minimizes pores to re-establish healthy skin metabolism, which improves skin texture and promotes absorption
· The Collagen Reedle Shot has more elasticity-boosting ingredients than the regular Reedle Shot 100, including milk protein concentrate and tocopherol, to care for saggy skin that has lost its elasticity due to aging or dry rough skin lacking hydration
· VT’s unique ingredient Cica Reedle™ imbues microneedles with centella asiatica extract to lower irritation for comfortable usage even on sensitive skin, and also contains triple low-molecular hyaluronic acid for moisturization
· The serum contains HPR, a vitamin A derivative, which has the anti-aging and wrinkle-smoothing properties of retinol, but with lower sensitivity to heat and light and less irritation on skin
· Suitable for saggy, dull skin that desires soothing and elasticity care, as well as skin troubled by wrinkles and fine lines
· Some stinging sensation during usage is a part of the active ingredients working in your skin and is a normal phenomenon

Product Details:
Brand: VT Cosmetics
Product Type: Serum
Range: Face
Package Content: 1 x VT Cosmetics Collagen Reedle Shot 100 50ml (Pink)

How To Use:
The Reedle Shot line has three density levels:
100: Daily natural care
300: Intensive care every 3 days
700: Special care once per week
After night-time cleansing, take a suitable amount and apply on clean, dry skin, then pat to aid absorption.

· Do not follow with brightening or AHA skincare products, to avoid over-stimulating your skin leading to inflammation
· Do not use immediately after dermatological procedures (use after at least 2 weeks since skin has completely recovered)
· Sensitive or pain-sensitive skin should do a patch test before use (such as on your inner arm or behind your ear)
· Avoid using on wounded areas of the skin