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2024 Hottest Korean Makeup Trends for a Naturally Dewy Look

2024 Hottest Korean Makeup Trends for a Naturally Dewy Look

Korean makeup styles have always emphasized natural appearances and subtle hues, but recent trends have seen the shift from matte lipsticks and pale skin tones to a more pure, bare, almost makeup-free look. The latest Korean makeup styles feature translucent skin with a subtle yet radiant glow, complemented by subdued, gentle shades.

Korean Makeup Trend #1. Sheer & Dewy Skin

Departing from past styles of soft matte skin, a dewy “glass skin” look is making a return this year. The key to nailing the glass skin look is a clean, flawless yet lightweight base makeup, as if your skin is naturally smooth and porcelain-like.
2024 Base Makeup Recommendations ▶ Missha Magic Cushion Moist Up
A lightweight cushion foundation that effectively corrects fine lines with rich plant hydration ingredients such as tea tree leaf water, red sage leaf water, and lotus leaf water, perfect for creating hydrated, clear skin.

2024 Base Makeup Recommendation ▶ Missha M Perfect Blanc BB Cream
Conceals blemishes, freckles and pigmentation with 10 Blanc complex and three-tone blemish coverage technology for an all-day smooth dewy glow.

2024 Base Makeup Recommendation ▶ numbuzin No.1 Pure Glass Clean Tone Up
A multipurpose tone up SPF lotion that hydrates, tones up, and acts as UV protection – plus it can be used as a pre-makeup primer or on its own. Provides long-lasting hydration with 11 kinds of hyaluronic acid and boasts a sheer translucent formula that naturally brightens the skin.

Tip for a radiant, glowy base makeup: Foundation + Lilac-coloured primer

Lilac and violet shades can neutralise sallow hues that contribute to a dull, lacklustre complexion and brighten both your natural skin tone and foundation shade for a more airy, lightweight look.

2024 Base Makeup Recommendation ▶ Shiseido INTEGRATE Air Feel Maker Makeup Base
INTEGRATE’s most lightweight makeup toning base, containing the best sebum control ingredient in the brand’s history. With its brilliant pore coverage and smoothing abilities, you can effortlessly create an airy base makeup.

Korean Makeup Trend #2. Light & Breathable Fixers

To set your makeup while maintaining lightness and radiance, look for lightweight setting powders and avoid using too much foundation.
Take a suitable amount of setting powder on your cushion, shake it lightly to remove excess powder, then evenly apply the powder in circular motions beginning with the outer lines of your face – this is how you can avoid flattening your makeup and ending up with a thick layer of cakey foundation.

2024 Makeup Fixer Recommendation ▶ rom&nd Better Than Finish
Made of ultra-fine powder that lightly adheres to the skin without clumping, this K-beauty favourite absorbs sebum for a smooth and refreshing finish.

Korean Makeup Trend #3. “Born with these” Lashes

Flowy, curled, and neatly separated eyelashes are essential to recreating the natural K-beauty makeup style. Using a mascara with a thinner brush head lets you finely coat each lash with mascara and keep your lashes apart without over-emphasizing them.

2024 Mascara Recommendation ▶ Shiseido Integrate Volume Mascara
Contains cuticle protecting lash care ingredients to nourish your lashes while wearing makeup. Naturally improves eyelash volume with airy volumizing powder and hair softening ingredients, and creates charming, perfectly separated lashes.

2024 Mascara Recommendation ▶ &be Long-last Quick Dry Mascara
With a unique quick-dry formula to avoid smudging, this lasting mascara is resistant to water, sweat and sebum and keeps your lashes naturally long and parted.

Korean Makeup Trend #4. Plump & Glossy Lips


Glossy lips – possibly one of the hottest trends this year! To achieve plump dewy lips, take care to start applying lip makeup at the middle of your lips and then smudge it outwards in either direction for a fuller lip shape.
2024 Lip Tint Recommendation ▶ rom&nd Glasting Melting Balm
These popular vegan lipsticks are formulated with a perfect 6:4 wax and oil ratio and imbued with hydrating botanical oils like argan oil, rosehip oil, and evening primrose. The balm melts upon contact with skin and forms a smooth barrier to lock moisture in and keep your lips lustrous and jelly-like.

2024 Lip Tint Recommendation ▶ ArteSinsa Dewy Fit Tint
Inside this artistic and unique marble packaging design is an equally exquisite lip tint that moisturizes, conceals lip wrinkles, and adheres to lips without feeling sticky. The vivid hues have a translucent, watery base, adding a clear glassy sheen to your lips.
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