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3 Easy Skincare Steps for Flawless & Lasting Makeup

3 Easy Skincare Steps for Flawless & Lasting Makeup

Struggling with makeup smudging off, caking or pilling? Want your foundation to sit fixed and flawless on your face? Keep your makeup hang-ups at bay with these 3 easy pre-makeup skincare steps!

Pre-makeup skincare is, in fact, crucial to maintaining makeup that stays fixed and lasting. Keeping your skin moist before applying foundation can prevent powder from caking or showing due to dryness; proper hydration also helps with reducing bumps and pores on your face for a smoother, more adhesive base makeup.

Not just your everyday skincare routine? Tips for quick yet effective pre-makeup skincare:

Overly moisturizing products will weigh your skin down and can lead to pilling or powder caking. Try to center your pre-makeup skincare routine around products with light, refreshing textures; those with oily skin types in particular may want to avoid rich creams and lotions.

Quick Pre-Makeup Skincare Step 1: Toner Mask

After cleansing, wet a cotton pad with your toner, place it on your cheeks, forehead, the sides of your nose and your chin, and leave it for at least 5 minutes. Once your skin is fully moisturized with the hydration in the pad, continue with the rest of your routine.
To further shorten your skincare routine, you can opt for toner pads instead.

Farmstay Tea Tree Biome Calming Toner Pad 70pcs
Imbued with Australian tea tree leaf extract, this moisturizing and soothing toner pad controls sebum and clears pores to prevent blackheads and acne. It leaves skin soft and promotes skin health.

Soft, airy jelly-touch pads that are steeped in abundant brightening ingredients such as citron extract and glutathione. Adheres perfectly and fills the skin deep with nutrients, giving you smooth, radiant skin.

Heartleaf extract (40,000ppm) harvested from Mountain Jiri in Korea is contained in this toner pad to keep your skin clear and healthy. The lightweight essence in each pad provides deep hydration and soothing care for sensitive skin.

Aprilskin Carrotene IPMP Instant Calming Serum Pads 220ml/80pads
These thin-texture, high-adhesion pads feature a 3-layer structure to lock in highly concentrated serum. It soothes red, sensitive skin in 5 minutes and injects abundant moisture into your skin.

Quick Pre-Makeup Skincare Step 2: Lightweight Serum

Serums are your key to enhancing your skin’s hydration level – but be wary of products with thick, rich textures if you want to avoid pilling. Instead, be on the lookout for refreshing formulae which your skin can effortlessly absorb.

This serum boasts a skin-friendly botanical cocktail of heartleaf extract, water mint extract and other plant-based ingredients to instantly relieve irritation and discomfort. Its soft moist texture penetrates quickly and fills each skin layer with hydration.

A lightweight yet hydrating essence with 99% ingredients of natural origin. Uses Ecocert-certified organic hyaluronic acid to boost hydration levels and strengthen your barrier for a plump, healthy-looking glow – without harming the environment.

This anti-aging serum is formulated with 71.77% nutrient-rich Noni Extract to hydrate and revitalize dry, dull and lackluster skin for a refreshed and healthy look.

TIA‘M Hyaluronic Water Plumping Serum 40ml
This deeply hydrating formula injects intensive moisturization into dry, tight skin. Its 6 types of hyaluronic acid work alongside panthenol and lotus extract to restore your skin barrier function for healthier, plumper skin and a smooth, dewy complexion.

Quick Pre-Makeup Skincare Step 3: Moisture-Locking Emulsion

Don’t forget to wrap up your skincare routine and lock moisture in with a lightweight moisturizer, like a gel or emulsion.
Again, steer clear of rich creams and be sure to spread the moisturizer out in thin layers, especially if your skin is prone to oiliness – moisturizer that isn’t fully absorbed can lead to excessive sebum on your face, which will affect the durability of your makeup.

AROMATICA Soothing Aloe Vera Gel 300ml
Purely concocted with 96% aloe vera, which is rich in nutrients and can protect and calm the skin from external irritation. The gel’s comfortable and refreshing texture leaves skin soft and moist.
Haruharu Wonder Black Rice 10 Hyaluronic Cream 50ml (Unscented)
Containing fermented black rice extract (rich in powerful antioxidants!) and 10 types of hyaluronic acids of varying molecular weights, this cream hydrates your skin on different levels, replenishes elasticity and strengthens your skin health.

Moisturize and hydrate at the same time with this light cream rich in hyaluronic acids and plant oils. It restores your skin’s water-oil balance for dewy, elastic and healthy skin.

Farmstay Tea Tree Biome Calming Water Cream 80ml
Composed of tea tree biome, not only does this refreshing water gel cream moisturize, but it also soothes and cools heat-irritated skin.
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