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&be: 5 Tips for Flawless Foundation from Japan's Hottest Makeup Brand

&be: 5 Tips for Flawless Foundation from Japan's Hottest Makeup Brand

In this hot and humid weather, sweat and sebum is the last thing we want when wearing makeup. To keep your base makeup smooth, lasting and flawless, check out these tips from the pro Japanese makeup artist Kawakita Yusuke.

&be and Kawakita Yusuke

Kawakita Yusuke, a renowned makeup artist in Japan, created his own brand, “&be”, in 2000. A result of celebrity acclaim, affordable pricing coupled with high performance, excitement around &be grew right after the brand’s establishment.

Only one of the hottest makeup brands in Japan, &be's new releases often dominate the top places of product rankings on Japan’s biggest beauty review site “@cosme”. Not only this, but the brand's new products often sell out quickly – so quickly that purchase quantities are sometimes limited for some products.

Instagram @kawakitayusuke

&be's founder Kawakita Yusuke has collaborated with numerous famous Japanese actresses, some of whom you may have heard of - Satomi Ishihara, Yui Aragaki, Kanna Hashimoto. As the specially appointed makeup artist of many celebrities, Kawakita’s expertise enjoys considerable repute.

Now, what does this professional-use (pretty much) makeup brand say about putting on base makeup?


Flawless Base Tip #1. Cut down on your base layers!

A lot of us often apply layers and layers of products before foundation – moisturizer, sunscreen, primer… all that stuff will cake under your foundation and weigh your makeup down. Instead, consider using multifunctional several-in-one base products and take care of moisturizing, sun care and priming with just one lightweight formula.

Flawless Base Tip #2. Start from the middle with your foundation

Taking a pearl-sized amount of your liquid foundation, leave 5 dots on your cheeks, chin, nose, and forehead respectively, and then slowly spread it outwards starting from the middle of your face. Not only can this method control the amount and thickness of your foundation, it also enhances the contours and shapes of the center of your face.

Flawless Base Tip #3. A little goes a long way

Does using more foundation cover up pores better and create a more flawless complexion? It’s actually the opposite – controlling the amount you use, apply generously only on crucial parts like your nose, cheeks and blemishes, and use only a thin layer on the rest of your face. This can in fact create a lighter and more natural effect.

&be Must-Have Recommendation ▶ &be UV Primer SPF50+ PA++++

One of &be’s hottest items, this primer came first in the 2022 @cosme base makeup rankings, and with a purchase limit of 1 bottle per user on the official website! The beige-colored primer is equipped with SPF50+ PA++++ sun protection and imbued with hydrating essence for smooth, comfortable application that keeps even dry skin types moisturized for the whole day. It also contains fine pearly particles to subtly brighten dull skin tones for a translucent, airy look.

Flawless Base Tip #4. Applying concealer: Don’t brush, press instead

When putting concealer on your eyebags, eye wrinkles and acne marks, take a small amount of concealer and carefully press it on layer by layer. Try to avoid brushing sideways, as this can disturb your base makeup and create rough uneven textures.
Another high-demand, often sold out favorite from the brand, the &be Founcealer Foundation Concealer brightens, corrects under-eye circles and covers freckles, acne marks, and other blemishes. Its creamy satin-like texture glides on your skin and settles with excellent coverage and moisturization, and leaves no eye wrinkles!

Flawless Base Tip #5. Dab to set your makeup

Take some loose powder with your makeup brush, dab lightly onto areas of your face that are prone to oil, and press the powder onto your skin.

&be Must-Have Recommendation ▶ &be Medicated UV Pressed Powder

A sunscreen powder rich in botanical extracts that cares for your skin while fixing your makeup. The fine, smooth texture covers pores naturally to create a classy, matte complexion and completes your base makeup routine with a lightweight airy finishing. This powder lets your makeup stay flawless with its sebum controlling properties by reapplying throughout the day.
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