&be UV Milk Sunscreen SPF50PA++++ 120g

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&be UV Milk Sunscreen SPF50PA++++ 120g

A non-chemical formula UV milk that is gentle on the skin and has a high UV protection effect with fresh and smooth feel.

- Achieving both a non-chemical formula and an easy-to-use texture
- Protects skin from UV rays and environmental stress
- Tone up bare skin with the effect of light
- UV care that can be used by everyone from adults to children

Product details
Brand: &be
Range: Face & Body
Type: Sunscreen
Volume: 120g
Package: 1 x &be UV Milk Sunscreen SPF50PA++++ 120g

How to use
Take an appropriate amount and spread it evenly over your face and body.
To maintain the sunscreen effect, reapply frequently.
When removing, carefully rinse with a cleansing agent such as well-foamed soap.

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