Curel Aging Care Moisture Facial Cream 40g (Purple Label)

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Curel Aging Care Moisture Cream 40g (Purple Label)
The unique "deep anti wrinkle repair technology" is combined with "vegetable skin care ingredients" and moisturizing ingredients to repair the elastic fibers of the muscles_ and the skin is restored from the eyes lips and all round skin.
Containing "Ceramide Functional Ingredients" and Eucalyptus Essence it penetrates deep into the skin's stratum corneum effectively repairs the water blocking barrier and long lasting moisturizing leaving the skin hydrated and full of elasticity.

- Deep anti
-wrinkle repair cream
- Repair the elastic fibers of the muscles
- Restored skin from the eyes_ lips and all
-round skin
- Long
-lasting moisturizing

Product Details
Brand: Curel
Country of Origin: Japan Product
Type: Cream
Range: SkinNet Weight: 40 g
Package Content: 1 x Curel Aging Care Moisture Cream 40g (Purple Label)

How to Use
use:Apply gently over the whole face especially on the dry and rough areas.

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