Curel Aging Care Series Moisture Facial Gel Cream (Purple) 40g (334527)

$188.00 $299.00
Aging Care Series Moisture Gel Cream (Purple) 40g
Formulated like a serum it spreads evenly to create a moisturising veil over the skin. Ceramide Care: The Ceramide functioning ingredient and Eucalyptus extracts penetrate deeply into the stratum corneum.

- Locks in your skin's moisture to prevent loss
- Keeps skin elastic_ supple and firm.
- Contains firming and moisturising agents which firm up your skin
- Absorbs quickly and effortlessly_ leaving skin fresh and comfortable.

Product Details
Brand: Curel
Country of Origin: Japan
Product Type: Cream
Range: Body_ skin
Net Weight: 40 g
Package Content: 1 x Curel Aging Care Series Moisture Gel Cream 40g (Purple)

How to use
Apply gently over the whole face_ especially on the dry and rough areas.

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