Fancl Maitake D-fraction (softgel) 30days

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Maitake is a precious fungus that can be easily absorbed by our body. Daily intake of 2 Maitake D-fraction softgels gives you the nutrients equivalent to 524g or 7 cups of fresh Maitake mushrooms helping to boost our defense system and general health.

- Helps to strengthen your body
- Improve your defense system.
- Speeds up the recuperation process following an illness.

Product Details
Brand: Fancl
Country of Origin: Japan
Product Type: Maitake D-fraction
Capacity: 60 softgels
Package content: 1 x FANCL Maitake D-fraction (softgel) 30days

How to use
2 softgels daily. To be taken after meals

If you are pregnant or nursing_ please do not eat.

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