Fancl Multi-vitamin (30 capsules 30days)

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Fancl Multi-vitamin (30 capsules 30days)
Vitamins can maintain resistance increase energy and fight antioxidants. "Multiple Vitality Vitamins" contains 12 kinds of essential vitamins supplemented with coenzyme Q10 and vine tea polyphenols so that vitamins can be used to the fullest. Need nutrition.

- Contains multiple physical vitamins
- Life-based nutrition
- Help maintain body resistance and energy
- Effectively resist oxidation and build a healthy and good constitution
- Suitable for daily replenishment

Product Details:
Brand: Fancl
Country of Origin: Japan
Product Type: Multi
-vitaminCapacity: 30 capsules
Package Content: 1 x Fancl Multi-vitamin (30 capsules 30days)

How to Use:
use:1 capsule daily

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