KAO Cape 3D Extra Keep (Unscented) 180g (Purple)

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KAO Cape 3D Extra Keep (Unscented) 180g (Purple)
Keeps delicate, 3-dimensional, fluffy and voluminous hairstyles for a whole day. Defies humidity.

- Humidity
- resistant formula
- Fragrance-free
- With Easy Lever
-Type Button for easy application

Product Details:
Brand: KAO
Country of Origin: Japan
Product Type: Hair Spray
Volume: 180 g
Package Content: 1 x KAO Cape 3D Extra Keep (Unscented) 180g (Purple)

How to use:
Apply on dry hair.Apply hairspray on the hair from 8-12 cm away, then style the hair.Spray at roots for extra root lift and volume.

This product is an aerosol product. Be careful of open flames and high temperatures during use and disposal.

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