KAO Steam Thermo Patch (Neck) 4pcs/pack (262509)

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KAO Steam Thermo Patch (Neck) 4pcs/pack (262509)

KAO Steam Thermo Patch (Neck) 4pcs/Pack
Long lasting comfortable heat effective relief of muscle/ stomach pain and helps to ease/ relaxation of period pain. Stick on your inner underwear and go, unscented pad. Soft mesh material, friendly to women’s skin.

- Improve circulation
- Lose muscle fatigue
- Take muscle fatigue
- Activate gastrointestinal work
- Remedy of neuralgia, pain of muscle pain
- Restoration of fatigue

Product Details:
Brand: KAO
Country of Origin: Japan
Product Type: Steam Thermo Patch
Package Content: 1 pack of KAO Steam Thermo Patch (Neck)

How to use:
Remove the sheet from the bag and stick it to the affected part.
Please stick directly to the skin.
Wipe sweat and moisture and paste.
When the fever finishes, slowly peel off gradually from the edge of the sheet.
Peel off as soon as fever finishes. If you keep stuck, your skin may become red due to rubbing or stuffiness.

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