Mentholatum Japan Sensitive Scalp Care Shampoo (Refill) 280ml

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ROHTO MediQuickH Shampoo 280ml

"Mentholatum media Quick H scalp of Medical shampoo" is, this one does not need conditioner, is for medicated shampoo dandruff and itching to improve from cause to dandruff and itching to be worried about. In conditioning ingredients, scalp care is OK with a single. Scent of refreshing citrus. Weakly acidic, non-silicon prescription. Quasi-drugs.

- suppress the growth of bacteria causing dandruff and itching
- formulated with anti-inflammatory component to reduce inflammation
- Even after the symptoms have improved, you can use every day as a preventive.
- less likely to squeak hair in the conditioning ingredients.
- Weak acid-amino acid-based cleaning ingredients
- Non silicon formulation

Product Details:
Brand: ROHTO
Country of Origin: Japan
Product Type: Shampoo
Range: Hair
Volume: 280 ml
Package Content: 1 x ROHTO MediQuickH Shampoo (Refill) 280ml

How to use:
- Took the appropriate amount, please rinse from the wash well to massage the scalp.

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