Napla N. Shea Shampoo (Moisture) 750ml

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Napla N. Shea Shampoo (Moisture) 750ml

Cleansing ingredients derived from shea butter give a high moisturizing effect to the scalp and hair and a peculiar smooth texture.

- Removes stubborn sebum and dirt clogged in pores as blends well with sebum
- Provides a mild and clean wash.
- Moisture type that leads to moist and supple hair.

Product details
Brand: Napla
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Hair
Type: Shampoo
Volume: 750ml
Package: 1 x Napla N. Shea Shampoo (Moisture) 750ml

How to use
- Wet the scalp and hair well in the shower.
- Lather an appropriate amount into the palm of your hand.
- Rinse thoroughly.

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