Nivea Angel Skin Bubble Body Wash (Red) 480ml

SKU: NVA-361691

NIVEA Angel Skin Bubble Body Wash (Red) 480ml
It is easy to play a lot of bubbles, and the bubbles are light and smooth.After rinsing, the skin becomes smooth and moisturized, removing dirt from the keratin and pores.Old keratin and pore dirt can cause rough skin. Add keratin clearing ingredients to kaolin, sodium sulfate, and PEG stearic acid to wash away the skin's old horny cortex. It also adds beauty ingredients such as cheese extract and glycerin to maintain skin moisture.


- Deep cleaning for pore
- Remove dirt
- Smoothing skin
- Floral fragrance

Product Details:

Brand: Nivea
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Body
Type: Body Wash
Volume: 480ml
Content: 1 x NIVEA Angel Skin Bubble Body Wash (Red) 480ml

How to use

Apply gently to wash skin by massaging in small circles. RInse off with water.

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